for the people, pets, livestock, and wildlife of the Animas Valley from mosquito borne disease and discomfort

Common Questions in the Community

Am I in the AMCD?

Our special district covers the majority of the Animas Valley, but not all areas are included as new areas are annexed by resident vote. Please, check our district map to see if you are in our part of the AMCD.

Why Were You On My Property?

AMCD has the responsibility and jurisdiction to abate mosquitos wherever their habitat exists within our special district. The majority of mosquito habitat in the Animas Valley exists on private property, which we endeavor to work respectfully with landowners to access and treat.

What Did You Treat My Property With?

We target mosquitos at two phases of their life cycle, which determines the product and application method used to treat their habitat. Read about our mosquito control methods on the Products page.

Who Was On My Property?

AMCD is a special district—think Fire, Water Conservancy, Parks & Rec—formed by vote of the tax paying residents of Durango, CO, overseen by an elected board of directors who hire a manager and staff to operate the mosquito control program.

Why is Mosquito Control Important, Anyway?

People love the Animas Valley for its recreation, wildlife, and agricultural lifestyle, but is hasn't always been that way. Before 1960, mosquito swarms made it unbearable to go outside in the evenings. The Durango life enjoyed by so many today was simply non-existent before the address of mosquito control.

What Are You Doing Out There?

Mosquito control programs employ specialized equipment and treatment methods often unfamiliar to the public whose health concerns the program is working to protect. Familiarize yourself with our environmentally conscious practices so you will know what we are doing when you see us at work.

Forecast & Field Notes

Current and anticipated mosquito activity in the AMCD
September 16, 2014

A Season of Changes

With the past two years being so dry, and there being no flood water from spring run-off to contend with, it allowed us to isolate mosquito reproduction habitat primarily to irrigation water sources. This created an opportunity for us to focus on these areas with a larvaciding program to break…

September 16, 2014

Shifting Gears

Animas Mosquito Control District (AMCD) is shifting gears in its philosophy and practices!

Over the last couple of years we have made a significant shift of emphasis from adulticiding to larval control to reduce the need for spraying adult mosquitoes.…

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